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The SoNo Collection features a vast array of local, national, and international artwork. Pique your curiosity by exploring art that transcends modern, traditional, and experiential sensibilities.

Featured artists

We’re excited to feature the incredible work of the following artists throughout The SoNo Collection. 
Picture of Kate Lewis in front of a mural

Kate Lewis is a Chicago based muralist whose style brings a modern twist to impossible geometric forms inspired by artists like MC Escher. She saturates her art in bold colors contained by clean black outlines and challenges viewers to look for the hidden message in it.

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Duvian Montoya sitting down

Duvian Montoya is a painter and muralist based in Connecticut who’s work is decidedly personal and present. His use of color propels us into the work and his choices of symbols and composition keep us engaged in his magically real narratives. 

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Alex ferror posing in front of a painted piano

Alex Ferror is a Brazilian visual artist, muralist, illustrator, and designer based in Atlanta, São Paulo, and Lisbon. His colorful work is inspired by the whimsical universe of children’s imagination and the way they see and interact with the world and their emotions.

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matthew hoffman staring

Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago based artist who has created large-scale public installations for the City of Chicago, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, Albright Knox Gallery, as well as companies like Apple, Facebook, Zappos, & Cards Against Humanity. 

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A smiling Cat Coquillete

CatCoq is an illustration and design brand founded by Cat Coquillette, a world-traveling artist with a passion for collecting creative inspiration from her firsthand observations and encounters around the world. She shares her artwork and detailed stories of her travels with her followers through social media, providing a fully integrated window into her experiences. For more information, follow her on Instagram @catcoq.

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Jen Lewin staring into space

Jen Lewin is an internationally renowned new media and interactive sculptor based in New York. Her playful sculptures that exist where art, technology, and communities meet leave viewers enchanted while encouraging delight through their engagement with the work.

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Drew Clay Pic

Drew Clay is an award-winning Chicago-based artist, illustrator and designer, whose work has been featured by international brands and editorial publications. His current creations, entitled Dreams, explore the intersection between his meditation, shamanism, and creation practices.

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brett whitacreart profile picture image

Brett Whitacre is a self-taught, colorblind artist from the American midwest. As a pop art practitioner, he brings less ordinary items to light as icons drenched in colorful waves of angular movement. 

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Alex and Samantha posing

Aaron Hauck and Samantha French, both graduates of MCAD, each actively exhibits their own paintings and are included in many private and public collections throughout the US. 

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brian and jen henry smiling

Brian and Jennifer Henry create imaginative landscapes in the virtual world that transform advertising surfaces into art experiences. Their award-winning motion graphics and 3D generated works were displayed in France, Australia, Times Square and of course, the Las Vegas Strip. 

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