arm with a long-sleeved striped shirt holding wireless car key
arm with a long-sleeved striped shirt holding wireless car key

The SoNo Collection parking rate is $1.00 per hour and is payable via app, text, pay station or online at the Premium Parking website.

Ways to Pay

Download the Premium Mobile App

The Premium Parking Mobile App helps you quickly park, pay, and get on your way to your favorite shops, restaurants, or entertainment destinations.

Download the free app from your app store here: Android or iOS.

Text to Pay

Pay for parking without downloading an app. Simply text “P2222” to 504504 to pay for parking.

Reserve Parking Online

Pay for parking in advance. Just park and shop. Reserve a space here.

Pay Machines

No cellphone? No problem. Just pay at a pay machine located inside the mall entry lobbies. Remember your license plate number and use your credit card or cash for payment. *Note: Pay machines do not give change.

Parking Rates

Valet Parking

6 hours: $6                                                       

9 hours: $10                                                       

24 hours: $14

Validated Parking

Bloomingdale's offers complimentary validated parking (up to 3 hours).
Nordstrom validates Nordstrom card holders only.
Pay for parking upon arrival and request validation from a store associate for parking credit.

Space Info

Finding a Space

Our parking assistance technology helps direct you to open spots. Look for "spaces available" signs on each floor level. A green light means there are spaces available in the lot, and a red light means the lot is full.

Accessible Parking

The SoNo Collection offers handicapped parking spaces located throughout the parking garage.

Parking Level Color Codes

·         P1 Tan level (below ground)

·         P2 Blue level (North Water Street entrance)

·         P3 Red level (West Avenue entrance & North Water Street ramp entrance)

·         P4 Purple level 

·         L1 Yellow level

·         L2 Orange level

·         L3 Green level (The SoNo Garden)

The SoNo Collection shopper arriving in the P level can access the shopping levels by taking an escalator or elevator located at either the Bloomingdale's or Nordstrom sides of the mall. To assist shoppers in locating their car The SoNo Collection recommends taking a photograph with your phone of where you parked to match with our wayfinding signs located at each elevator.  Should a shopper not recall where they parked their car, we recommend requesting assistance from The SoNo Collection security staff assistance.

Parking Amenities


We offer valet parking at the main mall entrance. Turn left off North Water Street and look for the valet area on Level P2. The valet service starts at $6 for six hours.

Premium Star Spaces

There are designated premium parking spaces on several garage levels that are located closer to the mall entrances.

Look for the Star Spaces sign and star to get closer to your destination.                   *Note: Pay the "Star" rate to park in these spaces.

Need Help?

Contact Premium Parking Customer Service at 844-236-2011.

Additional Parking Info

All parking accessible from the street level is located below the shopping center and is labeled the P levels whereas shopping level parking is located above the P level and is labeled L.

Shoppers driving in from North Water Street are entering on level P2, and shoppers entering the building from West avenue will enter in on parking level P3.

Accessing the malls L level parking is available by driving up the ramps at the north end of the parking lot. These ramps will guide shoppers up to L1, L2, or L3 as parking options.