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Wishing Forest

The Wishing Forest™ at The SoNo Collection

Location pin iconThe SoNo Collection

Calendar icon Now – Tue, Dec 24

Make magical memories

‘Tis the season! Experience the magic of the Wishing Forest™ groves. This holiday, don’t just walk by displays, run through them, talk like a forest animal, light up the trees, and ring a thousand bells at once. 


Holiday Bells Grove™
Unlock a symphony of music and light as you walk and play throughout the Holiday Bells Grove™. A motion-tracking system allows for your movements to ring bells and illuminate lights wherever you stand. Gaze at mesmerizing light shows and join others in gathering around the bells for a unique experience. 


Whispering Wishes Grove™
Become immersed in a wintry forest at the Whispering Wishes Grove™. Journey through a mysterious holiday soundscape and whisper your wishes into the trees. As your wishes are spoken into golden branches, the forest will become alive with mystical sounds.


Create unforgettable memories, make the holidays special, and take care of those wish lists—all in one place.