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Featured Korry Fellow Sarah King, with artists Judy Glantzman and Maryna Bilak

Sarah King is a painter, sculptor and children’s books illustrator who lives and works in Stamford Conn.  Currently She is  exploring the ever evolving theme of motherhood through a different variety mediums, all rooted in observation and her own experiences.


"Motherhood has been both the greatest transition and biggest challenge I have ever faced. My entire identity, day to day life, and art has all gone through an incredible transformation. I believe that there are many misconceptions about motherhood. Pregnancy, for example, was not my favorite physiology yet I am blasted with idealized images of it, both historically and in contemporary media. I wanted my work to document both the beauty and the challenges faced by me, and other mothers. These moments are often unspoken and undocumented and yet they are what we encounter as mothers daily. Going to the bathroom, bathing, sleeping (or not), our relationship with our partner, are all important daily challenges we face.

​Recently, with the on-going pandemic, motherhood has magnified my feelings of love, joy, anxiety, fear, guilt, claustrophobia, and isolation. Navigating this experience while parenting has brought an added intensity to these pieces. With the birth of my second child in the spring of 2019 I felt as if I had come out of the haze of new parenthood. I had just started sleeping through the night and I felt a sense of regained freedom that comes as the baby ages. Then Covid-19 hit and all of the postpartum feelings I had experienced returned and were amplified through this new pandemic lens. This body of work is a result of my reckoning with this lens, as I deal with my new life postpartum all while parenting through Covid."

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