Artist Cat Coquillette

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About Artist Cat Coquillette

CatCoq is an illustration and design brand founded by Cat Coquillette, a world-traveling artist with a passion for collecting creative inspiration from her firsthand observations and encounters around the world. Whether she is painting florals found in the jungles of Vietnam, exotic wildlife from the Amazon Rainforest, or patterns inspired from Scandinavian textiles, Coquillette’s designs and inspiring messages of positivity bring a fresh perspective to everyone her artwork touches. She shares her artwork and detailed stories of her travels with her followers through social media, providing a fully integrated window into her experiences. CatCoq is a brand that aspires to not only provide an exhilarating aesthetic rooted in an appreciation for culture, travel and the outdoors, but to inspire people to channel their natural curiosity by expanding their horizons in order to gain a deeper understanding of our world. For more information, follow her on Instagram @catcoq.